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Science&Art@School Workshop 2013 Graz - English version

Workshop Science&Art@School

Graz, 5.6.-7.6.2013 (GIBS Graz and BORG Monsberger, Graz)


Science&Art@School is a CMS project (CMS = one of the experiments at CERN) to inspire young students with the cooperation of science and art through a two-day interdisciplinary workshop.
During the first day “master-classes”, students participate in hands-on exercises concerning particle physics analysis supervised by a CMS institute scientist from HEPHY – Institute for High Energy Physics, Vienna.
The second day is dedicated to processing the previous day's input by means of creating a unified artwork installation in which the students, assisted by artists and art educators, progress from concept brainstorming through technical planning and practical realization to final public presentation.
The whole workshop was documented by the students themselves. Tasks included program preparation, photo and video documentation, web presentation (YouTube, Facebook), press kit arrangement and designing the invitation to the vernissage.

The two days program of the workshop

Day One: the workshop starts with "master classes" that begin with an introduction to modern physics with emphasis upon particle physics.   Scientists from a CMS institute (HEPHY) guide the students through the hands-on exercises analysis of real physics data.  The students then receive a presentation of science history including a look at the close, natural links between scientists and artists over past centuries and how contemporary artists visualize modern science and technology today.  This is followed by a discussion on how science has helped to bring humanity to the present and what the state-of-art technologies of today may bring us in the future.

Day Two: starts with some more examples of contemporary artists reflecting upon science followed by a brainstorming session on developing concepts for artworks. Under the supervision of artists and art educators, the students prepare and create their artwork with prearranged materials (including helmets from CMS experiments).
At the end of the workshop the students' artwork installation is presented during a public vernissage.
The Science&Art@School workshop in Graz / Austria was an interdisciplinary workshop with science and art educators, physicists and artists along with the collaboration of two schools (BORG and GIBS). The student artworks were created and presented in the Museum "Joanneums Viertel".  We deeply appreciate the support of the "Universalmuseum Joanneum" and the City of Graz.

Documents, fotos, videos:


Programme (PDF) (de)

The exhibits

Fotos  (de)

More Videos